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Play 1.  All Blues
  2.  Mood Indigo
Play 3.  Freedom Jazz Dance
  4.  Somewhere
5.  Impressions)
6.  Manteca
  7.  Solar
8.  Giant Steps
9.  How Long Has This Been Going On?
10.  Caravan

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Steve Smith-Drums, Michael Zilber-Tenor & Soprano Sax, Paul Nagel-Piano, John Shifflett-Acoustic Bass

All music Reimagined by Michael Zilber
Produced by Steve Smith
Executive Producers Nat Simpkins & Cecil Brooks III
Recorded direct to Two Track by Robert M. Biles
Neverland Studio April 30, May 1 and 2, 2002
Mastered by Bruce Mishkit at Deva Productions, Lafayette, CA
Steve Smith uses equipment by Zildjian, Sonor, Vic
Firth, DW, Remo, Shure and Joe Porcaro

Steve Smith, one of his generation's most accomplished, acclaimed and versatile drummers, has amassed a staggering list of credits and accolades. Named one of Modern Drummer's 25 greatest drummers of all-time, Smith has recorded and performed with Steps Ahead, Jean-Luc Ponty, Ahmad Jamal and the mega-rock group Journey. In addition, Smith leads the famed jazz/rock band Vital Information and is also the producer/leader for a series of highly lauded Tone Center recordings with Scott Henderson, Victor Wooten and many others.

Dave Liebman says: "Michael Zilber is one of the best musicians of his generation." He really has an original voice. Descended from a strong Wayne Shorter influence with others intertwined, his thought processes are very compositional when he plays. Zilber has performed and/or recorded with such diverse individuals as Miroslav Vitous, Dizzy Gillespie, and Dave Liebman. Among his numerous recording credits is Stranger in Brooklyn, named one of the 30 best jazz records of all time by In addition to his quartet with Steve Smith, Zilber leads the Bay Area's all-star jazz orchestra CARMA, and is active as a sideman, including Andre Bush's CDs.

In his own notes, Zilber very clearly describes what jazz musicians have traditionaly done when playing the standard repertoire. What Mike refers to as "imagining" could on a more technical level be called '"construction" or "deconstruction." Whereas we used to reharmonize, change meter and possibly change melody, Mike completely rewrites the tune and puts in front of the musicians an extremely challenging improvisational format to blow over. With musicians like Steve, Paul and John, the outcome is an unqualified success. "

Michael Brecker says: "An inspired and burning CD by Mike Zilber, Steve Smith and friends. Mike has chosen some familiar jazz standards and through the process scientifically known as "Zilberization" has transformed them into new and refreshing compositions. Wonderful music."

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