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1. Love For Sale
2. Living Soul
3. Blue Gardenia
4. Minor Inconvenience
5. Have You Met Ms Jones
6. If You Never Come To Me
7. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
8. If I Should Lose You
9. I'll Be Around
10. Time After Time
11. That's All
TRACKS 1,2,3,4,9,10: Dave Braham-Organ, Nat Simpkins-Saxophone, Eric Johnson-Guitar, Cecil Brooks III-Drums, Harold Walker-Congas
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TRACKS 5,6,7,8,11: Dave Braham-
Organ, Nat Simpkins-Saxophone, Bob DeVos-Guitar, Cecil Brooks III-Drums

"Blue Gardenia is a pleasing funk and boogaloo platter reminiscent of classic organ sides by Groove Holmes, Big John Patton, and Jimmy McGriff. The band swings solidly behind Brahamís soulful grooves."

- James Lien, CMJ

"You hear it from the opening chord, when the sax and guitar come in this is the real thing. It's that rich greasy organ sound made big in the 60's, but good things never go out of style... this overlooked organist grooves deep, and spins us some of that late-night sound."

- John Barrett Jr., JazzUSA 'ZINE

Dave Braham plays swinging, soulful organ in the tradition of Jack McDuff, Groove Holmes and Jimmy Smith. On his first outing as a leader he shows that he is one of the most underrated and clearly one of the best jazz organists on the scene today. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Dave has carved out a solid reputation playing as a featured sideman with Houston Person, Etta Jones, Willis Gatortail Jackson, Mark Murphy, Johnny Lytle, Irene Reid, Al Grey, Ernestine Anderson, and David Fathead Newman. He has recorded two CDs with Houston Person and Etta Jones and also with Mark Murphy, Johnny Lytle, Lou Donaldson, Al Grey and more recently appears on saxophonist Nat Simpkins "Spare Ribs" and guitarist Eric Johnson's "Makin Whoopie" both on Bluejay Records. "Blue Gardenia" features Dave on Hammond organ with the soulful "Texas Tenor" saxophonist Nat Simpkins, Eric Johnson and Bob DeVos on guitars, and drummer Cecil Brooks III. Bob DeVos is currently the mainstay of the Charles Earland Band.

Highlights of the CD include the opening track "Love For Sale," a funky rendition which features Simpkins on alto in a Hank Crawford mode. Groove Holmes' tune "Living Soul" follows with a nice bluesy groove. The title track "Blue Gardenia" gives Dave a chance to show his exquisite tone and phrasing and his knowledge of the draw bars, Leslie, and glissando techniques on theHammond B3. Dave's original, "Minor Inconvenience," has been recorded by the late Richard "Groove Holmes". "Have You Met Ms Jones" and "If You Never Come To Me", features Dave with Bob DeVos on guitar who has played with Jack McDuff, Groove Holmes and the Charles Earland Band. Ellington's "Don't Get Around Anymore" features Simpkins big soulful tenor sound which really works in rounding out this organ trio sound. Please note that the versatile Simpkins also contributes tenor sax solos on "Living Soul", "Minor Inconvenience", and "That's All." "Time After Time" also displays tightly-knit interplay between Braham, Brooks and Johnson who clearly show that they have spent "Time After Time" swinging together. The closing number further reinforces why the strong ,swinging, energetic, soulful sound of B3 organist Dave Braham is a force to be reckoned with on this aptly titled tune. You are sure to enjoy this first outing of yet another great Hammond B3 organist Dave Braham.

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